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  • AMBITFUL A2 weighs around 2 smartphones that you can barely feel in your pocket. The tubular shape saves space. Like on site or in travel studies, working with such portable light will be a liberating experience that you have never had before.
  • With an embedded magnet, AMBITFUL A2 can only be attached to a metal surface. Screw a hole on both ends so you can mount it on a stand. More comfort is created when it is freely placed in a corner, on the wall or in a narrow space for lighting. The AMBITFUL A2 fits almost anywhere, giving you the flexibility you need to shoot anywhere.
  • Set three modes in RGB, CCT and HSl modes to achieve up to 36000+ colors. Just take this magical rainbow in your pocket.
  • AMBITFUL A2 Light and Reliable color rendering With a CRI rating of 97 and a TLCI rating of 99, it delivers vivid results. Natural light and reproduces accurate .Built-in APP system. Realize wireless remote control and multi-light adjustment.

Package Includes

  • AMBITFUL A2 RGB LED Tube Light *1
  • Carrying Case *1
  • Type-C Charging Cable *1
  • Instruction Manual *1