AMBITFUL 126" 320cm Aluminum Light Stand with Sandbag Load 5kg

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  • 【SOLID BOLD DUAL-PURPOSE CEILINGLIGHT STAND:】 Portable Storage/Upright Light Stand/Ceiling Light Stand
  • 【Up to 3.75 Meters:】 The heavy-duty dual-purpose ceiling light stand has a retractabledistance of about 115-375cm, which can be used easily and stablyto meet your photography needs
  • 【All-in-one dual-use:】 All-in-one multi-purpose flash side light stand, thickened tube wall,portable and stable. Applicable to all kinds of lighting fixtures, photographic equipment, etc.
  • 【1/483/8 Screw:】 The screw ports at both ends can be exchanged at will, compatiblewith photographic equipment such as video lights, dome lights,always-on lights, LED lights, etc.
  • 【The angle can beadjusted arbitrarily:】 Adjustable handle 180° vertical flip angle for shooting, free to switchthe straight arm to lengthen, the inclined arm to be inclined, the anglecan be adjusted at will, making light distribution convenient.