NiceFoto NE Bowens Mounst softbox (full series)

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Using professional reflective cloth, high-density soft cloth, additional soft cloth, curved frame, etc., to ensure light even, soft, color temperature standard. According to the size of the studio, the light effect generated by the soft box is similar to the light effect when sun passes through a thin cloud. The shadow area is extremely soft and the lighting effect is even.



  • Better solve the problems of shadow, reflective point, color interference and so on.
  • Better form bright and soft light to make the photos more real and the colors more realistic.
  • Compared with the studio, it has got rid of the limitation of space and the shooting is more convenient.
  • The color temperature deviation is extremely small, and it will hardly change the color temperature of the flash light source.




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Please note the mount you need, Otherwise, we will send the Bowens mount by default.