Falconeyes RX-818 RGB 100W Output Roll-Flex LED Light kit

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  • The color temperature of RX-818 RGB can be adjusted between 2800K and 10000K as needed.
  • 8 common scenario simuulations:Police car, lightning,Candlelight/scenario yellow,scenario green, scenario blue/HSI demonstration,White light demonstration
  • Waterproof material,curving effect,Touch LED screen. The LED light is rollable,flexible,easy to carry.
  • Accurate brightness adjustment from 0-100%,0-360 full color&color saturation adjustment
  • OLED Display, Bluetooth (APP) Remote Control (up to 25m control distance).You do not need to pay customs duties. I send you by DHL.



  • Model:RX-818
  • Output:100W
  • Color Temperature:2700K-9999K
  • Operating Voltage:AC 110-240V 60HZ/50HZ
  • Compatibility:AC Adaptor
  • Control Funtion:Turning knob,Remote,Bluetooth,DMX(The remote is notincluded)
  • Beam Angle:68°
  • CRI:95
  • LUX:5600K+RGB+W/ 0.5M 6180 /1M 2466 /2M 656.72800K+RGB+W /0.5M 6280 /1M 2499 / 2M 660.5
  • Dimensions:610×460mm(led panel),285×150×110mm (control box)
  • Weight:
    LED Panel:0.8KG
    Control Box:2.4KG