Falconeyes RX-24TDX 150W Roll-flex Photo Light (RX-24TDX+RX-24TDXSBHC)

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The new Roll-Flex LED light is developed with the latest LED technology to perform rollable and flexible movement with thickness of only 10mm.
RX-24TDX is designed with 4 channels seclection, if you use two lights or more together,every lights that are in the same channel will then sync together with the same color and power setting through 2.4G signal enhancement antenna.It can aim for all kinds of shooting and micofilming. It's handy lightweight and easy to carry around which is great to use as your no-sunlight reflector or as a fill light. With the help of the optional clamp,user could mount the Roll-Flex LED light on a light stand in order to use as a led panel.


  • Color Temperature is 3000-5600k,150W Bi-Color Flexible Lighting .

  • Only 10mm thickness,360°flexible and rollable,waterproof, easy to carry.

  • LCD touch screen ,Compatible with DMX 512. Support RC-3T 2.4G wireless remote control(The remote not included)Can be mounted the Roll-Flex LED light on a light stand in order to use as a led panel.

  • The on/off button have two option clicks marked with i and ii.Option i is for V mount battery; option ii is for AC adapter.

  • Come with the RX-24TDXSBHC Honeycomb Grid Softbox.



  • Model:RX-24TDX
  • Power: 150w
  • Color Temperature: 3200K-5500K( Stepless adjustable)
  • DMX control system: Compatible with DMX512
  • Power source: DC 14.8V or AC 15V 5A
  • The LED Light body size:(64*64cm)
  • Thickness: 10mm CCT: 3000K-5600K
  • Dimmer: YES
  • With 150W(3000K) White and 150W(5600K) Yellow LED
  • CRI: RA98 TLCI:98.7
  • LUX(0.5m): 13800
  • LUX(1m): 5300
  • LUX(2m): 1380
  • Control Funtion: Touch Screen,DMX 512,Remote Control
  • Size:640*640mm

Package includes

  • RX-24TDX Light
  • Bag
  • L-Joint
  • Magic Belt(White)
  • Magic Belt(Black)
  • Adapter Line
  • Control Box
  • Adapter
  • Antenna
  •  X-Bracket