Aputure 55cm Light Dome Mini Softbox

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The Light Dome II uses industry-grade diffusion material with highly reflective coating. The high-quality cloth preserves your light’s original color temperature, and the two layers of diffusion have been specially designed to produce extremely soft light. The outer layer makes your light wrap around your subject while the inner baffle adds another layer of diffusion while eliminating any unattractive cross lines that are often created by fabric-based diffusions.



  • 55cm / 21.6in Circular Softbox
  • 16-Sided Round Beauty Dish-Style Design
  • Quick-Release Build
  • Removable Gel Holder Accessory
  • Compatible with Aputure and amaran Bowens Mount Fixtures
  • Included Fabric Light Control Grid
  • Included Gold / Silver Reflective Inner Baffle


    Package includes

    • 1x Light Dome Mini II Softbox
    • 1x Fabric Light Control Grid
    • 1x Outside Diffuser
    • 1x Inside Diffuser
    • 1x Carrying Bag