Soonpho 7" Standard Reflector Diffuser Lamp Shade Dish with 10¡ã /30¡ã/ 50¡ã Degree Honeycomb Grid White Soft Cloth for Bowens Mount Studio Strobe Flash Light Speedlite

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  • This 7" standard reflector mount diameter is 9cm with 10° /30°/ 50° degree honeycomb grid, compatible for Bowens standard mount studio light.
  • Unique and exquisite reflective texture inside, for excellent light output, makes light output softer and more focused.
  • Comes with 10° /30°/ 50° honeycomb grids, they can great narrow down the light-throw from your lamp shade and provide an excellent shadow effect.It alter the shape and intensity of the light output from your flash heads. Use of a grid will result in a small circle of light, when it is attached to the front of your light source.
  • Comes with a white soft cloth for softening the light output. Made of high-quality aluminum material, solid and durable.Brilliant soft lighting with diffuser, specially designed for 7" Standard Reflector ( or Godox AD600 AD600B AD600M AD600BM Flashpoint Xplor 600 )
  • This set is perfect for photography of product, advertising, figure, portrait, art, wedding etc.