Puluz 20cm LED Shadowless Light Pad

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  • This shadowless light for photo booth light box eliminate photographing shadow problems, sharpen outline and edge of products and greatly reduce time consuming photo editing
  •  Ideal for commercial object photographing for jewelries, cosmetics, scale models, artworks, glassware, electronic gadgets and fashion accessories etc
  • Ultra-thin and bright, the illumination is even, super bright, and flicker-free
  • With Type-C port, DC 5V USB powered, you can easily get the power supply from computer or power bank via USB cable


  • Effective area:  20*20cm
  • Material:  ABS
  • Color temperature:  6000-6500K
  • Power:  5-7W
  • Lamp bead:  4014
  • Number of lamp beads:  25 x 2
  • Lumen:  600LM

Package Includes

  • 1 x  Light Lamp Panel
  • 1 x  USB cable
  • 1 x  Package box