NiceFoto SF-05 Hair Blower

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  • Adjustable wind speed
    Speed Controller,can adjustable wind speed;Strong wind (120W), 2600r / min, 5.5m³ / min; more stable wind and continuous wind
  • Remote operation 
    3m control line and 5m power line, more convenient for long-distance operation
  • High configuration
    Adopt international advanced outer rotor asynchronous fan, metal impeller, compact structure (outer rotor motor has good running performance, large inertia, stable, low wear, long life, can save 18% of energy consumption)
  • Low noise
    The high noise environment affects people’s work efficiency and affects their mood. Nicefoto SF-05 fan, low noise, makes it easier for you to concentrate on photography


  • Remote operation
  • Adjustable speed
  • Has a compact structure, equipped with a metal impeller
  • Low power consumption
  • Large air volume
  • Small in size and light weight
  • Low noise


  • Power source: AC100~120V/60Hz or AC220-240V

  •  Output Power: 120W
  •  Current: 0.55A
  •  Action Speed: 2600r/min
  •  Air Volume:5.5m³/min
  •  Noise: ≤72dB/A
  •  Capacitor: 2.7uf/400V
  •  Weight:4.0KG- Size: 34*24*16cm

    Package Includes

    • 1x Studio Fan Hair Blower SF-05
    • 1x Speed Controller
    • 1x User Manual