Nanlite Projector for Bowens Mount with 36° Lens

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  • Complex and Bold Effects For Bowens Lights: Adds highly creative light-shaping effects to lights that have the widely popular Bowens mount including the Nanlite FS Series and the larger Forza monolights, the versatile abilities this projection attachment provides for creating shapes, patterns, and shafts of light are unmatched
  • Bright, Accurate, and Precise Optics: The PJ-BM dramatically increases the output of the attached light, for example, the Forza 500 is over 266% brighter when the 36° lens is used; the light quality is accurate and precise due to the non-curved lenses that eliminate aberration and minimize distortion, and an optical coating that improves transmittance and color temperature accuracy
  • Vast Compatibility, Ultimate Creativity: The Nanlite PJ-BM can be used with an enormous number of lights from other manufacturers, as well as the Forza 200, 300, 300B, 500, and the FS-150, FS-200, and FS-300; It adds an exciting array of creative light-shaping tools such as internal shutters, a focusable lens, gel inserts, gobos, and a separately available adjustable iris
  • A Durably Built And Complete System: The PJ-BM has an aluminum body and comes with a flight case for the ultimate in protection; The case has room for all the included accessories and more; Both the 19° and 36° lenses are available separately; The PJ-BM-AI Adjustable Iris and two sets of Gobo 10-packs are also available separately, making this a fully realized system