Godox X2 TTL Trigger fo Olympus and Panasonic

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The Godox X2 2.4 GHz TTL Wireless Flash Trigger is dedicated to Olympus and Panasonic's TTL system and operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency. The wireless flash trigger can fire a single flash or multiple dedicated flash units within 5 groups, 32 channels, and 99 ID settings to avoid interference from other nearby systems. For the added.


  • The wireless trigger, which operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency can fire multiple flash units within 32 channels and 99 ID settings, so there is no interference from nearby systems.
  • You can control flash functions such as the flash mode, power output, the modeling light, high speed sync of 1/8000 sec, and the audible beep of Godox flashes while operating the flash units within a wireless range up to 328'.
  • The integrated scan setting function can help you automatically locate an ID channel with the least interference.
  • All the settings are easily viewed on the trigger's large LCD display, which can be backlit along with the group and function buttons.
  • A USB Type-C port is located on the side of the wireless trigger to download firmware updates as is a 3.5mm sync socket to connect non-TTL flashes or to fire cameras via a remote camera cord.
  • The downloadable GodoxPhoto app is compatible with iPhone or Android smartphones or tablets while operating the triggers via Bluetooth.
  • The hot shoe Quick Lock ensures that the wireless trigger stays secure on the camera's hot shoe.


  • Model: X2T-O、X2T-P
  • TTL autoflash: E-TTL II
  • Power supply: 2*AA batteries(not include)
  • Manual flash: Yes
  • Stroboscopic flash: Yes
  • Transmission range (approx.): Up to 328ft / 100m
  • Built-in Wireless System:2.4G
  • Modulation mode: MSK
  • Channels: 32
  • Groups:5
  • Wireless ID: 01-99

Package Includes

1 x Godox X2T-O&P