Godox VK1-LT Vlogging Kit

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  • 【Vlog Kit for Moblie Devices】: To transform your smartphone into a professionalrecording studio, all you need is a VK1, an all-in-onerecording solution for video creators to unleash theircreativity. It's perfect for vlogging, mobile filmmaking,live-streaming, and any other video content that willstand out from the crowd.
  • 【Overall Solution】: As a self-contained video kit with excellent performance,VK1 provides everything you need for making a greatvideo.The entire accessories from the professionalmic, the versatile RGB light to the robust rig and theextensible tripod are of high quality. With VK1, you willfind video creating is much easier and more interestingthan you've ever thought.
  • 【Great Expandability/Stability】:With 3 standard cold shoes And universal 1/4 screw holds give you flexibility to add light, mic, battery, tripod, any other lightweight accessories you need to bring your video to life. The stabilizer helps avoid fingers over lens, fumbling with “record” button and shakiness.
  • 【Accessories FeaturesProfessional VD-Mic】: A clear recording is key to an impressive video, andthat is what VK1 ensures with its directional VD-Mic.Powered directly by your phone, the mic always workssmoothly. Whether doing interviews or live-streamingindoors or recording a travel vlog in noisy surround-ings, this kit will always deliver broadcast-qualitysound for your video.
  • 【Versatile Litemon LED6R】: Proper lighting will be the final touch to your videocontent.Possessing 36000 selectable colors as wellas built-in effects like fireworks, campfire, and so on,the detachable and magnetic Litemon LED6R in VK1will create a unique lighting atmosphere to your video.