Godox RS18 18cm Beauty Dish Collapsible Softbox

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The Godox RS18 Dish combines the the characteristics of a softbox and a beauty dish. This renders it the perfect light shaper for beauty, portrait and still life photography using an external shoemount flash. Due to the mirror system inside and the face diffuser the Godox RS18 Dish helps you to accomplish an especially soft and quite directed illumination with distinctly attenuated shadows, very smooth transitions from light to the still occuring shadows as well as circular, naturally appearing reflexions in your model's eyes. Using a built-in velcro strap you can attach the Godox RS18 Dish to almost any shoemount flashes which has a girth between 21.5cm and 26cm.


  • Light shaper for shoemount flashes, combining the characteristics of a softbox and a beauty dish
  • Beauty dish-like design for a soft and even illumination as well as circular reflexions
  • For shoemount flashes with a girth between 21.5cm and 26cm - easy to set up and to attach
  • Perfect for beauty, portrait and product photography
  • Diameter: 44cm, Depth: 18cm Pack size: 18 x 18cm, Weight: 144, Easily fits in a backpack

Package Includes

  • 1 x Godox RS18 Dish