Godox Lux Master Retro Camera Flash

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  • The flash has a guide number of 82' at ISO 100 and can be further adjusted in 0.1-step increments from 2.0 or 1/256 at the low end and 10.0 or 1/1 at full power
  • Featuring manual, automatic, optical, high-speed sync, and multiflash modes, it can deliver TTL Auto when used with a compatible wireless trigger
  • Its built-in 2.4G wireless receiver works with the Godox XPROII, the X2T, and the X3 for remote triggering
  • Widely compatible with major camera brands, including Canon, Nikon, FUJIFILM, Olympus, Sony, Leica, and Pentax, the flash comes with a triggering cable and a mounting bracket for use with almost any camera
  • The built-in battery charges in approximately two hours with the included cable and is good for 460 full-power flashes


  • Model: Lux Master
  • Lithium Battery Parameters: DC7.2V, 2980mAh, 21.456Wh
  • CCT of Flash Head: 6000K土300K
  • Flash Head Rotatable Angle:  0°-90° ( Four angles with +30° increment each )
  • Recycle Time(1/1 step): ≈1.8s
  • Full Power Flash Times(1/1 step ): ≈460
  • Dimension : ≈25.5×17.5×8cm
  • Net Weight: ≈1150g

Package Includestitle

  • 1x Flash Body
  • 1x Fan Type Reflector LM-R27
  • 1x Flash Bracket for Camera FB01
  • 1x Triggering Cable
  • 1x Charging Cable
  • 1x Storage Bag
  • 1x Protection Cover for Flash Tube
  • 1x Instruction Manual