Fotoconic Foldable Beauty Dish Softbox with Bowens Mount Inner White (Diameter: 39"/ 100cm)

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  • Set up rapidly in 5s with collapsible Fiberglass Frame, Lightweight and Easy to transport.
  • With Beauty dish reduces the scattering of light and obtain a soft diffusion.
  • Supplied with standard Bowens Speed Ring Mount (included in package), Outside diameter: 10cm.
  • Installed with Bowens S-type flash bracket(included in package), while the adapter ring can be disassemble to use with other brand ring.
  • With an optional speed ring adapter, the beauty dish can be compatible with studio flashes of other brands like Bowens, Broncolor, Elinchrom, Hensel, Multiblitz and Linkstar, etc.

The Foldable Beauty Dish FESR-100T/W creates a light output with more spread and an average contrast. 
The beauty dish gives thanks to the supplied diffuse cloth a soft yet somewhat dramatic lighting effect that is very suitable to highlight skin color and faces. 
It has a diameter of 100 cm and is ideal for portrait and fashion shoots. 
The advantage of this beauty dish is that it is foldable like an umbrella. 
With the beauty dish comes a exchangeable adapter ring, which is suitable for all studio flashes with bayonet connection. 
Compatible with adapter ring as follows, MR-4(universal)、SB-SRFE(Falcon eyes)、SB-SRRI(hensel/ Richter)、SB-SRWL(Balcar)、SB-SRBW/FT/LS(Bowens/ Fototech / Linkstar)、SB-SRMBS(Multiblitz digilite/compactlite/digix)、SB-SRMB(Multiblitz vari/profilux/xeuolux)、SB-SRPF(Profoto)、SB-SRBRS(Small Broncolor)、SB-SRBR(Broncolor)、SB-SRBRO(Overall Broncolor)、SB-SRTW(LKD)、SB-SREC(Elinchrom)、SB-SRCOM(COMET)、SB-SRPG(photogenic)、SB-SRET(ET). 

Package Included: 
1 x Beauty Dish Softbox White 39" 
1 x Bowens Adapter Ring
1 x S-type Flash Bracket