Fotoconic Bowens Mount Optical Snoot Kit

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  • Updated 85mm lens (Canon Mount): The nearest focus pattern is 12cm in diameter, and the projection is 12-20cm for small scenes, close-up, still life, macro The brightness in the 12-20cm diameter pattern is higher than the previous 50mm lens
  • Bowens Mount Design: Comes with a 135mm Bowens Mount, can be changed to other mounts according to different types of LED lights and flash strobes, like 135mm Profoto, Balcar, Elinchrom Mount, etc.
  • 16 Stainless Steel Modeling Pieces: Getting a series of background effects. Used with 4 color gel filters to achieve special lighting effects, which provide a richer source for creative photography.
  • 9 Graphic Cards : Creating a variety of virtual pattern backgrounds, used in interviews and portrait photography, recommended to use with LED Spotlights.
  • Updated Optical Snoot: The old condenser has uneven light spots, and the environment is not completely darkened, and the edge color becomes obvious. This new version has even light spots, darkens the environment, and has less edge color.