Fotoconic Acrylic Reflective Display Board (12x12 Inch, Black + White)

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The Fotoconic Acrylic White & Black Reflective Product Photography Display Table is a must have tool when photographing your products. Use it to give depth, realism and make your products stand out. White & Black background boards are used to produce clear, bold reflections of products placed on their surface, and because of this are the ideal base for small products such as jewellery, watch, small glass products etc.



  • ECO-FRIENDLY & HIGH QUALITY - The display board is made of acrylic material which is recyclable.
  • ALL SMALL PRODUCTS - This board is ideal for shooting of small products for Amazon, eBay or any other platform, such as jewelry, watches, cosmetics, consumer electronics, small glass products.
  • TABLE TOP PHOTOGRAPHY - This acrylic display table is supplied with white & black acrylic polished surfaces to produce controlled reflections of objects when being photographed.
  • COMPACT AND LIGHT - Measuring in at 12*12 inch(30*30CM) and just 2.1mm thick, this board can be stored away easily without taking up too much space. When combined with an LED Light Cube, it can be put away inside the cube when folded.



  • Size: 12*12inch/30*30cm
  • Depth: 2.1mm Colour: White & Black


Package Includes

          • 1 x 12*12inch Black Reflective Board
          • 1 x 12*12inch White Reflective Board
          • 1 x Glove