AMBITFUL QD-P70 70CM QD-P90 90CM QD-P120 120CM

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  • the parabolic Softox quick release softbox has an impressive quick release system for quick assembly and quick disassembly. Versatile and compatible, this versatile and compatible softbox offers you reliable light quality and various creative expressions. It is available in 3 different sizes and is an ideal companion for indoor and outdoor recordings.
  • reflective silver interior, this softbox has a reflective silver interior to create a powerful, high-contrast and crispy light.
  •  the removable diffusers for inner and front fabric offer you different ways of curing light to achieve the perfect look. The fabric fabric is available for narrowing the beam distribution for more precise control.
  • simply lift the bars off the speed ring until they snap into place. Most photographers simultaneously lift 2 opposite poles which greatly accelerate the process and save time. QUICK COLLECTION - Simply lift the bar slightly while you press the button, then pack another job.
  • the speed ring is designed as small as possible, so that the softbox can be easily transported and stored during photo trips