AMBITFUL Micro 2 E800 DSLR Double Distance Rail Track Slider

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  • Steady Support in Motion:Three support arms that come in the box can form a four-point structure with the tripod. Even with a running distance of 1M,you only need one tripod for more stability in motion, no tilting or turning.
  • One-Tap Timelapse Preview:Having a preview of a timelapse video is super easy with Micro 2 and Zeapon Lab app.You can record a clip or view through camera screen directly after setting the motion path in the App. Making timelapse has never been so easy and smart.
  • Ultra Silent Step Motor - 39 decibels:Micro 2600/800 is powered by high- torque step motor with minimum noise of 39 decibels only. With it, you can focus entirely on shooting & editing and enjoy the peaceful moment of creation.
  • Double Distance, Dual Control:Micro 2600/800 inherits the double-distance design while significantly shortens the slider length for greater portability and effectively avoids the slider getting in the way of your footage. You can not only use the direction buttons to manually position the slider, but can also use ZEAPON LAB App to intelligently set the waypoints and motion track for smooth cinematic footage.
  • Preset Parameters for Easy Timelapse:ZEAPON App presets multiple parameters for making different timelapses like sunset,sunrise, street, starlapse and etc. Gone are the days when you need time-consuming process to make timelapse videos. With the slider and ZEAPON App, every one can be a timelapse photographer.


  • Size (WxHxD) : 33cm*6.9cm*3cm
  • Compatible : Digital Cine Cameras
  • Compatible : Cameras
  • Package : Yes
  • Model Number : Micro2 E800