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  • AMBITFUL FL80 has 5 special lighting effects: flicker, bulb broken, lightning, firework and TV modes, allowing you to enter your own lighting creativity
  • Excellent heat dissipation with premium heatsink and built-in fan, With temperature control function to prevent overheating
  • High-power 80W LED beads can provide you with high brightness, CRI 96+ TLCI 95+ accurate original colors, ensuring the naturalness of broadcast video, photography, TV production and studio film production. Small size and easy to carry, the effect is also very powerful
  • Large-sized LCD panel for convenient operation. Settings auto-saved. Standard Bowens Mount is widely compatible with light modifiers such as softboxes, reflectors and honeycombs
  • FL80 is a continuous output lighting, no flash, suitable for outdoor photography, fluorescent lights, children's photography. It can provide stable light source and uniform lighting for video, photography, wedding shooting, etc