AMBITFUL AL-18PRO Optical Focusing Condenser

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This one AMBITFUL AL-18 Pro Made of quality aluminum alloy (the connected screws are also made of aluminum alloy not plastics), more strong and durable with high-temperature resistance for long time use; Professional optical lens can produce stage focusing effect

5 different color gel filters (Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Green) create various colorful lighting effect at different color temperatures; 24 different shaped cards can be plugged on the slot, snoot via the card slot for producing different graphics lighting effect, which makes your photography and video more fascinating
Bowens Mount design. Suitable for studio strobe flash monolight LED light with Bowens mount, such as Neewer SL-60W SL-150W 200W LED Light, etc. Perfect to use as a hair light or dramatic accent light, creating a unique portrait for you and also ideal for producing stage focusing effect with strobe light



  • 【Flawless Optical Results】AMBITFUL has strongly upgraded the Optical Focalize Condenser of AL18,and newly developed a full set of optical system
  • 【Control the Focus】Focusing Spotlight Cartridge AL18 by rotating the lens to adjust the focus function to achieve sharp edge, or defocus effect
  • 【Free Shapes】You can easily simulate sunlight falling through trees of windows,on any dymamic backgrounds
  • 【Multi-color Light and Shadow】Condenser with different colors,it is convenient for photographers to change the color of the lights to add artistic atmosphers.
  • 【Replacement Mount】Removable bottom mount design, you can choose to match according to the equipment used,Optional Bowens, Profoto and Elinchrom,Brown Mount


Note: Profoto/Elinchrom/Browns Mount(Optional)

Tech Specs
Model AL18 Optical Focalize Condenser
Material Metal
Apply Continuous Lighting/Focusing Light etc
Size ~24x15.5x6cm
Net Weight ~1.518kg

Package Includes

  • 1 x Optical Focalize Condenser
  • 5 x Color Gels Filters
  • 1 x Card Slot
  • 24 x Modeling Piece
  • 1 x Color Gels Filters Ring
  • 1 x Front cover of lens