AMBITFUL A3 Full Color RGB LED Mini Light, Built-in FX

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  • A3 weighs about 72g that you could barely feel it in bag, whiletube shape saves the trouble for space taking. As on location or travellingstudios,work with such portable light will be a liberating experience youhave never had before.
  • With a RA rating of 95 and a TLCl rating of 97, it delivers vibrant, naturallight and reproduces accurate colors.
  • Adjust in RGB,CCT, HSI three modes to reach up to 36000+ colors, and various FX at three tunable levels.Just takethis magic rainbow in your pocket.
  • With embedded magnet, just a metal surface is where A3 can beattached. for you to mount it on a stand.Moreconvenience comes with it being freely placed in corner, against wall,or any narrow space for illumination.Almost fit anywhere,A3 getsyou the flexibility you want for shooting any place.
  • With AMBITFUL Light APP, all the adjustments are only afinger-tap away, making it so easy for A3 Series to changebrightness, color temperature,FX effects and cooperate withother LED members belonging to the AMBIFTUL family.