AMBITFUL A2 PRO-K2 Full-Color RGB Tube Light

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  • Easy and Portable.Low-profile, self-contained and portable, A2 PRO is a 56.3cmRGB tube light designed to benefit filmmakers, content creators,videographers and photographers...
  • Control with Ease.Except for intuitive on-board operation, A2 PRO can also becontrolled in a group or individually by ambitfulPro App,making every production easy and efficient..
  • Multiple SpecialLight Effects.Preset 26 kinds of environmental lighting effects, adjustable lightingchange rhythm, brightness.Help you easily play more creative lightingscenes.. 
  • HSI Full Color Mode.36000 colours are adjustable, and millimetre changes in colorvalues can be accurately identify, easily capture the colours youwant and enrich your colour matching inspiration..
  • Variable ColorTemperature.Color temperature ranging from 2500K to 8500K enables a quickblend into existing lights and can fine-tune the skin tone, providingmore options for creative applications..


Package Includes

  • 2 x Light Body
  • 2 x USBCable 
  • 2 x Honeycomb Gridx
  • 2 x Carry bag
  • 1 x Connection screw