TOPRIG S40 Motorized Camera Slider

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Unparalleled Stability The TOPRIG S40 excels in stability , providingsteadfast support for varying lenses , capturing at afocal length of 200mm or with the precision of the24mm macro lens . Stability is the priority in every shot. 
Full Button Operation Free to shoot without the App , easy to operate by hand.
Great Power 120°Panorama. Various models of micro-single and light movie cameras can be supported at maximum bear load 2.5kg verticall and 4kg horizontally.
App Control With fast connection via Bluetooth, you can remotely control Toprig S40 / s60 for time-lapse and other features .


  • Long focus without shaking
  • Stepless speed regulation
  • Brushless Motor
  • Mechanical biaxial
  • Manual AB dotting
  • Time lapse
  • APP control
  • Super silent


Rated Voltage 7.4-16.8V
Max.Horizontal Load 4.0kg
Max.Vertical Load 2.5kg
Max.Operating Speed 5cm/s
Stationary Object Tracking
Panoramic Angle
Max.Travel Distance 225mm
Power Supply DC 9-16.8V NP-F Battery
Power Consumption 0.5w
Dimensions 410mm × 106mm × 71.3mm
Weight 1.4K

Package Includes

1 x TOPRIG S40

1 x Spare Belt