Fotoconic 20cm LED Display Turntable w/ App Control

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  • APP controls the LED turntable, you can adjust the speed of rotation and angle of the turntable, and edit the content of the display screen
  • The display screen can input to 40 Chinese, 80 English or numbers
  • Use energy-saving, high-power, long-life LED iamp beads
  • Working principle: The LED lamp bead is powered by a battery and can be reused after charging. The LED turntable is used with APP


    • Product size: 200*40mm
    • Input Current/voltage: 5V/1A
    • Speed of rotation: 135s/circle to be slow ,33s/circle to be fast
    • Power supply mode: type-c data cable,18650 rechargeable battery, AA battery
    • Charging time: 4H Use time: 8H

    Package Includes

    • 1 x APP display smart electric rotating disc
    • 1 x Power Cable
    • 5 x color covers